Big Family Love! | Sherwood Park Family Photographer

Big Family Love!! | Sherwood Park Family Photographer


Firstly I just want to say, I LOVE photographing big families!!! When Breanna reached out to me she was a little nervous that I would say no to photographing her large family….UM WHAT!!! WHY would this even cross her mind! I was literally so, so excited! There was so much love and fun surrounding Breanna’s family, there are such a variety of prompts I’m able to do with large groups and it’s always a hoot! Her children were so, so well mannered and sweet. I wish it was a full session because I could have kept photographing them well into the evening! I truly hope I get the pleasure of photographing them all again one day. I also have to mention, Breanna is basically supermom….I only have two kids and I feel like a hot mess half of the time haha I don’t know how she does it with FIVE young children, a dog, a loving husband, runs a dayhome AND she even writes her own blog (I will link below – GO read it!! It’s a journey she’s currently going through)…literally a supermom!!
Breanna’s Blog